Flash Conversion
Flash is Dead.

Flash is going the way of the dinosaurs, and anyone who doesn't transition from it, will soon follow suit. We know how it is, we too were flash developers at one point, but now we specialize in HTML5 and flash to HTML5 conversions. We can take your existing flash files and convert them to HTML5 content. If you have the source files, great! If not, no problem, we can re-create it as it was. Flash conversion is something we do nearly everyday. We know all the tricks and techniques to get your flash game ported over to HTML5.

HTML5 Branding
Brands are Thriving.

Brand, as design, must work. Email and traditional advertising is either ignored or blocked on today's internet. Apps are nice, but a huge portion of your market won't install your app. Enter our HTML5 branding service. By using HTML5 we can deliver a fun, interactive experience that is branded to your specific needs, and will play on any device that can display webpages. Whether it is a game, brand experience, or interactive demo, we can help you as our client.

The Technical
Gaming is everywhere.

Gaming is huge, beyond huge. It's value is over double of the film industry and hundreds of billions of revenue world-wide. We've made games in almost every language, from BASIC to C++, to Flash and Actionscript to C#. We keep on top of the major developments and skills needed in the industry, and cover almost all major areas in design and development technology, that's what our team is about.


Software development changes constantly and we make every effort to change with it, we know the old, we explore the new. To list every area of our expertise would be quite lengthy, so we'll list major areas of expertise and encourage you to contact us for any questions about specific technologies you might require in your project.

HTML5 TECH (Phaser, PIXI, WebGL/Canvas etc.). WEB: (Javascript, Java, JQuery, PHP, CSS, HTML5, SQL, 'anythingJS' etc.). SERVER: (Apache, Unix, NodeJS, Rails, Bash, etc.). CLOUD: (Amazon Cloud, heroku, Windows Azure, cloudstack, etc.) We are also versed in many game/publishing engines new and old (Unity (C#), Unreal (C++), Flash (Actionscript (AS2/AS3)), etc), and modern workflow practices such as Grunt/Gulp etc. As before, please contact us if you have any requirements, we are likely familiar with it.


We are fluent in every area of design. From concepting to publishing, sketches, illustration, audio and video media, 2D and 3D specialization. We use industry leading softwares such as Autodesk Suite (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Mudbox etc), Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, etc) and other major 2D and 3D tools in the industry. Please contact us if you have particular software-tools that are required in your project, we likely have experience in it.