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You know what is awesome about FreeCiv?  Everything.  No really, everything.  Here’s the deal, if you love Civilization (or Civ II) of the Sid Meier persuasion you’ll love FreeCiv.  Why?  Because FreeCiv is a lot like Civilization, and a lot like free.  Getting the drift here yet?

I don’t want to read anymore! Fine… click here to play the game now!

If you are still with me, you are a gentleman and a scholar.  Unless you are a woman, then you are a lady and scholar!  Now that we’ve covered those bits, lets move on to what you can expect from FreeCiv.

Hell Yeah! FreeCiv

Work Sucks

It really does.  It is a proven fact that only 3% of the worlds population do any work at all.  The other 97% are playing web games.  Here’s the clincher… FreeCiv runs completely in HTML5, so you get all this cool stuff right in your browser without any installs.  To your IT dept, you are just accessing another webpage!  HURRAY FOR HTML5!!


FreeCiv plays out like you would expect it if you are a fan of the original series.  You take on the role of a world leader all the way back in 4000 BC.  As you play, time progresses in your world and you will gain new technologies, units etc.  You can decide to become the peaceful superpower or go to bloodshed and war with your rivals and rule the rock with an iron fist!

You can jump right in when you go to the website, or you can customize your game to be more like Civ 1 or 2, or your own mix!  Change number of players, speed of tech growth, AI bots in the game and pretty much every single aspect of game-play you would care to tweak.

Finally there is an online game manual right in the browser that can quickly fill you in or brush up your knowledge on units and game-play tactics.  This game is brilliantly polished and a win in any book.


Why are you still here?  Go play now!