Selena-Gomez-Star-Wars(EDIT: Please note this is more of a FUN post than a paranoid conspiracy theory.  I don’t honestly believe this is true, but one never knows the possibilities in the back alleys of Hollywood.  They are human just like you and me, and sometimes keeping secrets drive you crazy.  So it’s not impossible for this to be a ‘easter egg’ of sorts).

So a few of us were discussing mainstream media today and the lack of symbolism and deeper meaning in modern music videos. We were mostly toying with the idea that more often than not, newer videos tend to be ‘skin deep’ in their beauty with no deeper understanding to enjoy behind them. We enjoyed this debate, but that’s not the point of this post, so we’ll save that for another day.

During this adventure, we happened upon “Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez, a young woman often associated with Disney. (You can view the video here on YouTube).  At around 2:36 seconds into the video, the director begins to shoot a scene where Selena attempts to break open a pinata in a field of fuschia wheat, complimented by a single tree.  Along with Selena, a mariachi band joins in a great and fun felt scene that pays homage to the singer’s Mexican ancestry.  It’s a great scene and when she breaks out the purple/pink light-saber a moment later, we all kind of wondered… why?  It just didn’t seem to go with the flow, and honestly just seemed a bit random and didn’t connect with anything.

That’s when it hit us.  Was the Disney actress and singer, or someone involved in the production, making a very very slight hint that they had some inside information that we the world would discover a couple years later?  It’s a crazy thought to be sure, but a fun one to consider!  Now personally, I have to say “no”.  I just can’t believe it, and it’s all a bit “tin foil” for me, but who knows!

What are your thoughts?  Coincidence?  Prophetic Omen?  Slight way to let out a secret that’s killing someone?  Let me know your thoughts!