The Lead Programmer of Grim Panda Games is responsible for taking the game from documentation/planning to actual code.  The Lead Programmer sets milestones for each game, and generally sets the pace for many projects.  From their workflow, artwork, sound, and almost every other aspect of the game is determined.  The Lead Programmer must have not only an excellent command of the languages our games are made in, they must also be an innovative, top tier programmer who is well respected among their peers.  The Lead Programmer is also responsible for aiding the Creative Director in managing the programming side of Team Panda.

Abdelhakim “Haden” Deneche

   Abdelhakim is truly an accomplished individual.  He is affluent in 2 spoken languages, and many more programming languages.  He divides his time among game programming, software and game design studies, university teaching, and of course, Lead  Programmer here at Grim Panda Games. His innovations in programming include several innovations in flash gaming algorithms,     and has contributed to many flash communities as a mentor, fellow, and leader. 

  Abdelhakim lives in Algeria, Africa, and is terribly bad at providing pictures and bios for websites…. =P