The Creative Director of Grim Panda Software oversees day to day operations, is the general manager and president of the company.  They are responsible for ensuring that game GPG produces are fun, innovative, and consistent with the company vision.  The Creative Director is currently partnered with Abdelhakim Denache, the lead programmer of Grim Panda Software.

Azriel ‘Az’ Cross

Az founded Grim Panda Software as the evolution of several smaller projects and their resulting teams.  Like many, Az has a passion for gaming, but more importantly, a passion for innovation in gaming.  Az uses the term “ReImagination” to describe the process of creating great games. ReImagination is the process of taking something imagined ( or even sometimes real), and
critical creativity to it.   We’ve all heard of zombies, but making zombies house pets as in the movie ‘Fido’ is an excellent use of ‘ReImagination’.

Az, like many others in the gaming community, has always had a passion for video gaming.  Starting with a controller in hand at an early age, it wasn’t until many years later that he was able to form Grim Panda Software with a few of his friends and colleagues.  Az began his career in the US Military as an Information and Systems Security Officer for the US Army.  After leaving the army, he worked as a freelance programmer and website designer, producing unique and scalable solutions for high end clientele and corporations.  After developing the Tank Nanny product and working as the Chief Operations Officer for Unique Ideas Corp, Az decided to finally take his management and creative skills and use them for his true passion, gaming.

Az lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and enjoys programming, creating art, reading and studying Japanese in his spare time.  (and of course, gaming).